We develop projects together with our clients.  We pay special attention to needs and expectations of the investors ;therefore ,our projects become original and time lasting.  The range of services and conditions of collaboration are set during our initial meeting with customers.  Information gathered during that meeting become our guidelines of elaboration of conceptual projects that latter on become the „dream space".

First conversation lets to specify ones dreams and expectations related to the space being designed.  It suggests considering dimensions , flow and connections of all the rooms.  It also lets us establish esthetical preferences, as well as choice of colors and finishes.  This meeting helps to direct and define the range of our collaboration.  Signing the agreement leads to begging of the first stage of designing -conceptual and function drawings.

The next stage is to adjust the information and ideas gathered by us to architectural conditions and capabilities.
During next meetings we present and discuss the space arrangements prepared by us.  We talk about functionality of the space and different solutions that are presented in drawings of plan and elevations.  We also prepare 3d visualizations of the space being designed. 
Clients acceptation lets us to start the work on technical and detail drawings.  This is when the next stage of the designing starts.

When the building crew starts to work in the space, the investor has the option of choosing designers supervision over the development.  This option consists of number of designer’s visit to the site of development to ensure that the vision in project is fully reflected in reality.

We are distinguished among the others for energetic tempo of our work with building crew.  We also co-work with artists that enable to carry out even the most non-typical idea.

In order to get more detailed info about our co-operation, range of our services and prices please ask at: biuro@znamart.pl  or  call at: 017 859 4520,
Cell: 501 249 648

We offer to meet with anyone.   We can also suggest pricing through documents sent to our office or to our e-mail address.
Our projects include territorial self-governments as well as commercial and residential properties.